Name Badges

We offer name badges varying from the standard 0.75" x 3" metal badges to custom shaped plastic badges. Each badge has the option of a protective clear coat.
Classic Plastic Badge
We have many different plastics that can be used for name badges. These can be engraved in two-tone plastic, or can be printed on with a digital printer. Any attachment can be put on these.
Metal Badge
We offer metal badges in nine different colours. The standard backing is a pin, but for an extra cost a magnetic backing can be put on.
Custom Badge
We offer custom badges created to suit your needs. They can be cut to any shape desired and any logo, once processed, can be added to the badge.
Doming - Clear Coat
One of the new features we offer is doming. Doming is a clear coat that protects the badge from scratches and creates a slight magnifying effect on the badge. Both metal and plastic badges can be domed.
Attachment Types
Our badges come with a standard pin; however, a double clutch back or a magnetic backing can be added to your badge for an extra cost.